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Frequent Asked Questions

1. 可以自己调整麻将机牌数吗?

How to change playing mode (#/tiles)?


Yes, and it's fairly easy. First, press the adjacent two dice keys for 5 seconds until you hear a "Di——" sound. Release the two keys together to enter adjusting mode.


The number shown on the LED panel is the current mode, press <> key to adjust it. One key is increase and the other is decrease.


Once you adjust it to the mode you need, press any of the 4 dice keys to save and exit adjusting mode.

2. 哪种牌数对照第几个档位呢?

Which mode is responding to how many tiles?


You can find this information inside the motherboard of your machine. For your convenience, please see below for the full table:

3. 我的麻将机好像卡牌了,怎么办?

Ugh, the tiles seem to stuck inside the table. What should I do?


Turn off table power, remove the frame, sheet panel and all related covers to unveal the tile track. Look for the stuff that causes stuck and remove it. A friendly reminder: please do not throw anything other than tiles in the table. Things like chip, coin and others will stuck the table.

4. 麻将机支持运送其他地方吗?多少钱呢?

Do you ship to other places? How much for shipping?

我官网所有麻将机均支持全美寄送,标准运费$450,但少数有我们合作运输公司的城市可享受优惠运费。详情请下单前致电 (917) 257-9488查询。

We ship all tables nationwide with a flat shipping fee of $450. We have collaborations with some shipping companies and for limited cities we offer discounted shipping price. For details, please contact (917) 257-9488 before check out.


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