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USB充电玫瑰金边框|Rose Gold Frame with USB charging feature
桌面规格:40  牌型: 38mm/40mm/42mm
o 美国110V 额定电压,180W 消耗功率
o 电子档位开关自动关机
o 升降液晶显示操作盘
o 四口机静音全铜电机, 全封闭模块式结构,无缝桌面,天平铝条,ABS环保塑料,杰勋第6代主板
o 超静音技术, 液晶显示操作盘,采用POM防断裂拨牌条,超大洗牌桶
o 边框采用欧洲钢琴烤漆工艺,高强度底脚




Model: S-200
Product dimensions: 40x40x31 inch, Tile Size: 38mm/40mm/42mm
o US 110V rated voltage, 180W power consumption
o Power save system, Digital shift
o LIFT LCD operating panel
o Four quiet all-copper transport motor, fully enclosed modular structure, seamless desktop, aluminum balance, 100% ABS material brand new frame
o Jie Xun Six-generation motherboard
o Ultra-quiet technology, POM anti-crack dial plate, large shuffle buckets, frame using European piano paint technology


USB charging feature added
Free 2nd Day Delivery and Installation in New York City


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USB充电玫瑰金边框|Rose Gold Frame with USB charging feature